this is an experimental editorial and graphic design project 
centred around the themes of space, and our solar system.

aiming to exploit the fact there is no true sense of direction in space, 
this book encourages the reader to physically rotate the book in order to
read the text, providing a more immersive experience.
the asteroid belt is the dividing line of the  inner and outer solar system

a black background symbolises  the outer solar system and 
it's distance from the sun as you journey towards deep space

whereas a white background symbolises the inner solar system's proximity
to the sun
approximately seventy point one percent of the earth's surface is water
realised as seven columns of water and one blue heading
making up most of the mass of the solar system, 
the sun dominates this page more than any other throughout the book
the back cover is the reverse of the front,
 allowing readers to read the book from either side

just as there is no true sense of direction in space, 
there is no true start or end to this book