Climate Crisis poster series
This is a living project, a weekly series of posters to highlight global issues related to the ongoing climate and ecological crisis facing our planet. It aims to raise awareness for these issues, their causes, and their potential solutions. The posters will take inspiration from various sources including classic advertisements of the 60s and 70s to the materiality of print design.
The two layer poster above are meant for outdoor public posting and use the eventual wear and tear of the environment to symbolise the destruction of the Earth's forests and biodiversity loss. The initial poster standing out amongst others due to the strong photography and lack of text disintegrates to reveal an equally striking white on black poster with alarming facts of the ongoing ecological crisis.
Lead copy: Cooper Black, body copy: Avant Garde Gothik
Lead copy: Futura PT, body copy: Miller Text
The above posters are influenced by 70s adverts, relying on strong abstract visuals which still directly correlate to the headline. Heavy body copy lends these adverts to be placed in a full page spread for a newspaper or magazine where the audience is more likely to spend time reading it compared to a street / bill poster.